Adult Literacy Collaborative

The Adult Literacy Collaborative of Kalamazoo County (ALC) is group of adult education, workforce development and literacy agencies that are working to create a conduit for providing comprehensive adult literacy services by establishing a central point for referring services, developing common initiatives, and providing support to local agencies that further the cause of adult literacy. The ALC provides a monthly forum for shaping common goals for adult literacy providers. It’s broken into four workgroups including navigation, parent literacy, health literacy and GED/college prep/workforce literacy group. 

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Community Literacy Center (CLC)

A CLC offers one-on-one tutoring in addition to classes in writing, computer skills, citizenship, and situational math. Tutors also lead groups with topics that include empowerment, health, parenting, financial literacy, and work in addition to leading learning groups such as the Student Advisory Council, the Page Turners’ Book Club, and SCRABBLE® Club. Students may attend CLCs on a drop-in basis and receive services within a week of being assessed. This reduces the waiting time for a student to begin studying.

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Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan

The KLC partnered with Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan in 2010. Founded in 1956, Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan helps advance employment capabilities and opportunities for citizens in need. 

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Western Michigan University 

In collaboration with Western Michigan University, the KLC offers the annual Adult Literacy Research and Training Symposium that explores best practices for adult literacy instruction and learning strategies that help adult learners become more proficient in the workforce, manage their health, and be teachers to their children. 

Regional Prosperity Initiative

The Regional Prosperity Initiative (RPI) was established in 2014 by Governor Rick Snyder to promote economic prosperity. The KLC partners with other agencies to support this mission by advocating for adult literacy.

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Literacy Councils in Southwest Michigan

The KLC closely collaborates with other literacy agencies in the region.

Van Buren ISD

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The KLC is a member agency of ProLiteracy, the largest adult literacy and basic education membership organization in the nation. They offer professional development and resources for their member agencies, while always advocating for adult literacy.

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Kalamazoo Literacy Council is a member organization of ProLiteracy. 

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