An international and literacy-centered life

Jay has truly lived an international and literacy-centered life. He first taught English with International Voluntary Services, a predecessor to the Peace Corps when he was in Vietnam.
He currently teaches Level 4 (advanced) classes for students and civics and civilization, through our Virtual Learning Center.

KLC reponse to COVID-19

The Kalamazoo Literacy Council values the safety of our staff, volunteers, learners, and community members with the utmost priority. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a massive response on global, national, and local levels. We encourage everyone to take steps to help keep this and other viruses from spreading. Learn more.

“I’m a big part of the KLC”

Before Gary joined the KLC, he was not an active member of his family and had a problem with alcohol. Now, has been out of incarceration for more than two years, and has maintained his sobriety. Gary is now an active member of his family, is especially proud of how well his daughters are doing in school, and being active in their education.